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Oct 11, 2018

Welcome to WeLLCON! WellCON is a weekly fall mini-series to up-level your life on the topics on health, spirituality & finance. Each Thursday (on top of our regular Tuesday programming) we bring on a new guest share their stories, spark creativity, and inspire action. We can wait to vibe with all of you!

Did you doctor put you on birth control to get a “regular”period or to relieve acne? Do you get irritable and have night sweats before your period? This week we are on the topic of hormone health with one of our favourite people and acupuncturist, Anne Matthews. She debunks so much that we’ve come to think as normal when it comes to our periods, like we shouldn’t be experiencing PMS and how to have a normal cycle. By the end of this episode you will be ready to take control of your period!