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Nov 22, 2018

Reporting LIVE on the #vibetribewellnesstour from Bali! Today we're talking about a topic we've been really excited to share for awhile, and we figured there is no better time than now.


What's the Travellers Mindset?

  • An everyday mindset that embodies the feelings, outlook, energy, and attitude that overcome us when we are travelling.
  • We found that we were the best versions of ourselves when we travelled; exploring new territories, adventuring, trying new foods, meeting new people, getting out of our comfort zones, and LIVING.
  • But why do we need to reserve this strictly for travelling? Why can’t we live our best life, in the best mood, every single day?
  • The concept of the traveller’s mindset encourages us to position ourselves and our mindset in such a way that we get excited about the little things, we treat each day as a new adventure in our regular day to day.

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