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Oct 18, 2018

Welcome to WeLLCON! WellCON is a weekly fall mini-series to up-level your life on the topics on health, spirituality & finance. Each Thursday (on top of our regular Tuesday programming) we bring on a new guest share their stories, spark creativity, and inspire action. We can wait to vibe with all of you!
Alanna McGinn, creator of The Good Night Sleep Cleanse™, is the mother of three wonderful children (1 + twins!) the wife of an amazing husband, and resides in Ontario Canada. She is Founder and Sleep Consultant of Good Night Sleep Site, Parent Prep Educator, Director for the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants (IACSC), and serves on the faculty of the Family Sleep Institute. Alanna hosts top rated This Girl Loves Sleep Podcast and she and her team of Good Night Sleep Consultants help families around the world – from baby to adult – sleep better and get the sleep health they deserve. Some of her clients include: Whitney Port, Jessi Cruickshank & more!
In this episode we discuss:
  • common sleep issues
  • what the ideal length of sleep is
  • is over-sleeping a thing?
  • ways to naturally induce sleep if having issues
  • why REM is important
Thank you to this week's sponsor!
We would like to thank this week’s WellCON sponsor, Earth Luxe, they are a Canadian health and wellness company for body and home. Their products range from coconut oil, body butter, essential oils, diffusers, salt lamps, natural soaps and more.
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