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Oct 15, 2019

We have missed you, tribe!  The past few months have been super busy for both of us, but we have not forgotten about you.  We have been behind-the-scenes dreaming up our Season 4 Rebrand and now it's finally here!

It reflects us more than ever.  It's like we have finally shed the layers of insecurity, lack of confidence, and "what the heck are we even doing" and stepped into owning our freakin' gifts to share with each and every one of you.

So here it is. Who Is Vibe Tribe?

Who is Vibe Tribe?

She’s a little spiritual, a little practical and a lot of woo!  She is willing to try it all on the pursuit of personal growth. She isn’t fussed if people don’t quite get her because she paves her own path.  Vibe Tribe is female empowerment, modern mystical, high vibrational, freedom seeking, and truth telling.

Weaving their relatable approach to an ongoing healing journey, Rachael & Becka are obsessed with diving into topics not enough people are talking about and providing honest and unapologetic real talk about their personal experiences.  Not to mention they interview some pretty badass guests who are also on this vibe. They leave their listeners wanting more while encouraging them to take bold action to live life on their own terms.

Vibe Tribe is not just a podcast, it’s a collective aimed to increase your self-awareness, personal growth, and energetic frequency. Tune into a new episode every Tuesday.  Binge listen via iTunes and Spotify and we invite you to creep us at @thisisvibetribe on Instagram.

In our comeback episode, we discuss:

  • what to expect from us going forward
  • updates from Becka & Rachael (they're juicy, so buckle up)
  • hot topic: how we've been able to work so closely, while doing similar yet different things and still support one another
  • 5 ways to deal with competition & comparison 

Other resources: