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May 14, 2019

Catie Fenn is a soul coach, retreat facilitator, mindfulness teacher, speaker and lawyer.  She created and leads the Circle, a gathering for women to reconnect with their wisdom, their souls, and rise into their fullest potential.

A civil litigator for several years, her unique background in a high-pressure work environment allows her to understand firsthand how to incorporate mindfulness practices to reduce stress and live with flow and ease. She teaches ancient wisdom and brings ceremony and ritual to modern society in an approachable and easily digestible format. She speaks on creating happiness and how to courageously live life on your own terms.  

In this episode we discuss:

  • The transition from Bay St, to a soul-aligned leader
  • How to start tapping into your spirituality & higher self
  • Supporting women seeking to align & create an empowering life
  • Soul school
  • Benefits of masterminds
  • How to give deeper into your spiritual journey
  • + more

Other Resources:

Instagram:   @catiefenn
Facebook: @catiefenn


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