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Feb 19, 2019

Ana Alic is an actress, writer and stylist with a unique moon ceremony business called Topanga Moon. Topanga Moon is an evolution of Ana’s spiritual and moon ceremony practice that has embraced a cosmic community through sacred rituals and workshops that enchant your mystical life. Topanga moon not only provides an online and in personal collective but a moon box product to help you host at home rituals and other hand made products for a high vibing life.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the difference between the full & new moon
  • what a moon ritual looks like
  • what the cosmic readings for February are
  • creating a cosmic community
  • exploring the cosmic world
  • astrology, human design, spiritual animals & more



Feb 19 - Full Moon In Virgo (Source @soulshinestrology)

We've made it far enough into 2019 that we can start to see the patterns that have emerged... the habits that have formed (or not formed), how our decisions have begun to shape our lives & careers in new directions, and where our new years' intentions have begun leading us so far. ⁣⠀
This Full Moon will be asking us to take a discerning eye to the habits, routines, and rituals that we've been engaging in to notice if they are really serving us, or if they're in need of being edited or released altogether.⁣⠀
This is a good time to call back up the vision you created for yourself before we entered this year to see if you are on track with it or if there are circumstances that are holding you back from supporting yourself and your overall wellbeing in a more effective way.⁣⠀
Here are some questions to ask yourself on this Full Moon:  ⁣⠀
✧ "What intentions did I set - or what did I want for myself - on the New Moon in Virgo on September 9, 2018 and how is this now coming full circle?"⁣⠀
✧ "What parts of my daily routine are going really wonderfully - and what parts are draining me or not setting me up for success as much as they could be? What can I do to support myself more?"⁣⠀
✧ "What are the top 3 priorities I have in my life & work? Are my daily actions currently reflecting that? How could I move things around on my schedule to help me honor these priorities more?"⁣⠀