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Aug 14, 2018

This week we brought on Hilary Thurston aka The Tarotologist to give us the DL on what tarot really is and how she integrates it into her career as a mental health and addictions support worker. We learned so much in this episode and even got to have a short reading at the end so you can get an idea of what to expect during a session with Hilary.

Tarot cards date back to the 1500s. Their origin is hotly debated and remains a mystery. Sometimes the concepts our subconscious mind highlights are not what we would expect, nor what we would want to see. It is in one’s best interest to remain open, grounded in reality and emotionally honest to enhance the experience of receiving a reading.


In This Episode:

  • Her journey with mental health and becoming a mental health + addictions support worker
  • Combining mental health with tarot reading
  • What are Tarot Cards
  • How they work
  • The difference between angel cards and tarot
  • Importance of cleansing your deck to reset energy
  • Intention is everything
  • What a session with Hillary is like
  • Common readings people go to her for
  • Learning to trust your intuition
  • Hilary’s reading with us

Other Notes: