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Jul 17, 2018

Jordana is a Toronto-based Registered Nutritionist and social media influencer. She loves food, nutritious eating, and living a healthy lifestyle. She created I Hart Nutrition as an online community for people to gain valuable and easy-to-follow tips they can use in everyday life. Over the years, she's recognized that people tend to get caught up in this obsession with ‘dieting’. Well – newsflash…being on a diet is not necessarily the same thing as being healthy. Nutrition is all about discovering the right ingredients for your body - and yes, it’s different for everyone! 

In This Episode:

  • How starting her own business + becoming a social media influencer didn’t happen over night (but rather years!)
  • The I Hart Nutrition philosophy
  • Why everyone suffers from some kind of disordered eating
  • Living a balanced lifestyle and ways to still indulge
  • Travelling and maintaining balance
  • The key to building your own personal brand
  • Importance of community
  • Overcoming lack of motivation

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Instagram: @ihartnutrition