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Dec 5, 2017

We're chatting with intuitive eating coach and the founder of Toronto-Based store Health Hut, Tara Miller. Today, Tara is telling us the secret to living healthy lifestyle, which isn't a fad diet and crazy supplements. It's actually the opposite. Step away from the mindless eating, we learn about trusting your body and finding balance naturally to understand yourself and feel better!

CORRECTION: Tara has a psychology degree, she is not a psychologist.  Apologies for the mistake in introduction.


Rachael's 2 FOR 1 E-Book Presale (An Intro Gluten-Free Guide + GlutenFreedom's 30-Minute Gluten-Free Meals Cookbook

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For starters, I have created the simplest guide to living your best gluten-free life without breaking the bank, eating garbage, feeling deprived or losing your mind!  In this 30-page e-book, I share the best tips, tricks, and secrets for: 

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social gatherings



In addition to the Introductory GF Guide, for one month, I am offering my 30-Minute Gluten-Free Meals Cookbook to the deal!  In it, you will find 20+ gluten-free recipes from breakfast, lunch and dinner that take 30 minutes or less to make.  The cookbook comes complete with a grocery list (you're welcome) and a bonus 3-day meal plan!

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