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Jul 10, 2018

Welcome to Season Two! We are so excited to kick off the new season with an episode we've been waiting to share for awhile. Back in March while visiting LA, we had to chance to record with Krista and Lindsey but technology wasn't on our side and the episode was lost. The universe conspired and we got to record in person with them again, this time in our home city Toronto. This fab duo is hilarious, raw and we could have chatted with them for hours!

If you aren't familiar with the Almost 30 Podcast (you have to check it out), it's a weekly lifestyle podcast hosted by Kristen Williams & Lindsey Simcik. Almost 30 is the period in life that no one talks about and each week they're inspired by life transitions, amazing guests, community and most importantly, growth.

In This Episode We Chat About:

  • How they came together + their individual wellness journeys
  • Overcoming not feeling worthy
  • Having hear of your full potential
  • Starting before you're ready
  • The connection between energy exchange and money
  • Letting life flow and letting go of fear
  • How to get out of a funk
  • Tapping into your intuition
  • Building a wellness community

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