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Nov 13, 2018

Growing up in urban Ontario, Zark was raised by immigrant parents. With a lack of money, education and guidance, he learnt how to hustle at an early age.

He began working in nightlife downtown Toronto and finally found a place that felt like home. After a spontaneous 2 year stint in Miami, he moved back in 1999 with a big vision and an even bigger desire to create and transform Toronto’s nightlife and entertainment scene.  He's since built and created award winning restaurants, nightclubs, bars, spas, health supplements, fitness events and music festivals.

Success was inevitable for this hardworking and determined entrepreneur, but at the age of 40 he awoke feeling unfulfilled and a desire to do better for himself and others.  He's on the continuous pursuit of growth and has an insatiable appetite for learning and am always pushing my boundaries to discover new ways to enjoy life. He is now pursuing a new life and career opportunity in Costa Rica, curating and leading wellness retreats.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • the importance of hustle
  • not letting financial situations define us
  • why we should invest in mentorships, leadership conferences for personal development & growth
  • why it's OK to follow your heart and change course later in life
  • the Alive Experience