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Dec 29, 2017

We were going to take a Christmas break, but we missed you too much! This week we give a few updates about our lives + all the exciting things to come in 2018 with VTW. Starting Jan. 1 we are launching our FREE 4 Weeks to Self-Awareness email program + getting ready for our first workshop of the year. Spend an afternoon...

Dec 19, 2017

Anna Gala is a Self Awareness + Meditation Life Coach who aspires to empower as many people that she can to live happier, fuller more meaningful lives... because life is meant to ROCK! This episode is one you can't miss. We dive deep getting to know YOU, law of attraction, pivoting your thoughts and more!

Dec 12, 2017

This week we chat with health and wellness YouTuber, soon to be Naturopathic Doctor, and DIY Foodie - Olivia from KeepUpWithLive. She has amassed a following of over 120K subscribers on her YouTube channel, where she combines her professional schooling with her love of food to share inventive and health focused...

Dec 5, 2017

We're chatting with intuitive eating coach and the founder of Toronto-Based store Health Hut, Tara Miller. Today, Tara is telling us the secret to living healthy lifestyle, which isn't a fad diet and crazy supplements. It's actually the opposite. Step away from the mindless eating, we learn about trusting your body and...